Porcelain Slabs

Antolini Tech & Ascale are the next generation of engineered architectural hard surfaces. These full- sized porcelain slabs provide customers and designers with a product that can be used for unique applications beyond the bounds of other solid surface products. These products offer a large selection of full-sized porcelain slabs that recreate the look of marble and other natural stones. They can be used for indoor and outdoor applications. These applications include not only countertops, but also shower walls, outdoor kitchens, landscaping, fireplaces, and other unique purposes.

Antolini Tech and Ascale offer a superior look for shower stall applications. With these products, you gain the amazing durability that porcelain is known for while avoiding the issue of grout lines. The installation process with Antolini Tech and Ascale is quick and easy offering a superior look and competitive pricing compared to traditional tile installation.

Manufactured with advanced technology, Antolini Tech and Ascale are UV stable, chemical resistant for ease of maintenance, VOC free, thermal shock resistant, and burn/scorch proof. The size of these slabs is 126” x 63”, and can be either 6mm or 12mm in thickness to provide maximum versatility. To learn more about these unique products please visit the manufacturer website listed below.