Prior to the measuring being done:

  1. Cabinets must be completely installed
  2. Unless Bedrock Granite is ordering the sink, you must have the sink at the time of measure.
  3. If measuring (Without templating), your countertops are for the most part cleared off.
  4. If templating, your countertops are completely cleared off in the area being templated.

At the time of measure:

  1. Provide any additional information regarding cutouts, i.e. a cooktop, drop in sink, or faucet holes.
  2. Bedrock Granite will follow the manufacturer’s sink template, unless otherwise stated.
  3. Provide a deposit for half of the total invoice and sign contract.
  4. Confirm color choice. Color with vary by shipment. You must see the current stock before work is started.
  5. If your stone has a lot of veining and you would like to be involved in the layout process of your stone, please let your measurer know.

At the time of installation:

  1. Be on site during the installation process, if at all possible.
  2. Have your faucet on site for installers to drill holes.
  3. Sink cabinet should be empty.
  4. Typically, there is very little dust during installation, but on occasion we have to cut drywall which may cause dust in your cabinets.
  5. Due to the heavy nature of installing granite, easy access to the job site is important. Please ensure a pathway is available and clear to provide the shortest and safest route to the job site.
  6. We will drill any holes a licensed plumber (or home owner) needs drilled thru the granite, but Bedrock Granite does NOT do any plumbing on site.
  7. Fill out “Customer Completion Sign Off Form”
  8. Pay the remaining balance of the invoice.

Customer Drawing Sheet

Use this sheet to create your estimated drawing and layout of your project