1. THE FIRST STEP: The first step in the process is providing us with a rough drawing with dimensions of your project (either by email or bringing them directly to us in our showroom) so that we can provide you with an estimate. A majority of our customers bring drawings to our showroom so that they can get an estimate during their visit while they explore our vast stone selection. (If you need an example of a drawing please click here)
  2. PREPARATION FOR MEASURE: The next step in the process is to prepare for the measure. Prior to us measuring you will need to have your stone selected and all of your cabinets installed. Once you have your stone selected and cabinets installed you can request the measure and we will have our measurer contact you to set up a time for the measure (typically the measure is completed within a week of it being requested).
  3. MEASURE: During the time of the measure, our measure tech will schedule your install and also your layout (Lead time for install dates will vary based on how busy our current schedule is). At the time of the measure a deposit for half down on the project is required.
  4. LAYOUT: The layout is an appointment in which we will put the exact stone you are using on display and you will decide (with the expertise of our staff) how the stone will be cut. All the final details and decisions for the project are covered at the time of the layout.

  5. INSTALL: The duration and exact time of the install will vary based on the size of your project. Almost all projects are completed in one day. The process can be messy so some clean up may be required.

  6. POST INSTALL: Bedrock Granite is not a licensed plumber so we cannot perform any plumbing services. A plumber may install any needed plumbing one day (or later) after the install of the countertops. If you have a natural stone product it will need to be sealed the next day after installation. We provide you with the sealer, and you can find directions on how to seal your stone here.