I can increase the value of my home without granite

Granite is a one time investment in your home. You won’t need to replace it in a few years like the man-mades that get scratches and fade. Granite adds value to your home (and sells it much faster), whereas man-mades add no value, and in some cases actually decrease the sellability of your home. It’s the all-natural and “green” option for countertops. We fabricate it with just air and water. And of course, we can all agree that it’s the most beautiful! Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but this rock is appealing to men and women.

Granite is expensive

Most homeowners think granite countertops are beautiful but often associate them with being an expensive option. In reality, granite prices have dropped and today they are often priced lower than synthetics such as Quartz and other engineered brands. Considering its durability and natural beauty, granite is the best value amongst countertop choices.

But what about the bacteria?

Bacteria will not find its way into the nooks and crannies of your countertop. Keep the surface clean and your countertop will be bacteria free.

Granite is nice but it has a lot of maintenance.

Lies! Lies! Lies! The big fuss over sealing is a myth from the man-made companies. They have to find a reason for you to pay just as much for something fake. Granite is so easy to maintain. You can clean it with just water and a special 3-1 cleaner, polisher, and sealer that we will give you at installation and whenever you want more. Sealing is a once a year process where you pour a little bottle of the sealer we give you onto the tops, wait 15 min, and wipe it back off. That’s it!

Granite loses its shine with age

Granite is an extremely dense substance and normal kitchen use does not offer enough abrasiveness to dull its surface. In fact, diamond is one of the few materials harder than granite (which is why polishing is done with diamond pads).

Granite stains easily

When compared to synthetic materials (like laminate and solid plastic surfaces) granite is exceptionally stain resistant. For years architects have used granite as an external surface because of its ability to withstand nature’s elements and retain its original beauty. In addition, sealing your granite will provide you with a lifetime of protection.

Chips cannot be repaired

If granite chips or cracks (most often occurred by being hit with hard, heavy objects) a repair can be made using colored epoxies or other refinishing methods.

Granite doesn’t have a lot of variety.

There’s more to granite than the basic four or five stones that everyone stocks. In fact, there are as many kinds of granite as there are flowers.

Granite will crack when exposed to heat

Granite can withstand exceptionally high levels of heat. Putting hot pots and pans directly on your granite countertop will not cause any damage or discoloration. In fact, scorching will not occur even when exposed to direct flame.

Granite contains radon gas

Although granite does contain a minute amount of radon gas, the levels are lower than other materials that surround us like concrete and cement. We don’t avoid using concrete and cement in home construction and granite’s use should be treated likewise.