What Is Granite?

Granite is an igneous stone that comes from volcanoes that are rich in silica. When used as a surface, it is natural and simple to care for. Granite countertops, granite vanities, and granite tile are one of the most commonly used surfaces in home construction and home remodeling projects. Granite is also used throughout the world in commercial buildings such as hotels, malls, and office buildings. Granite?s extreme popularity is due to the magnificent clusters of color that it provides along with its durable hard surface. There are thousands of types of granites available and each one has its own unique pattern and color combination. Granite is ideal for both interior and exterior use.

Granite is especially popular for the kitchen due to its resistance to almost all acids and because it is so hard, it rarely scratches. When fabricated, granite can be cut to a honed or high polished luster with any one of the following edge profiles: full bullnose, half round, beveled, extreme beveled, ogee, pencil round, chiseled, or eased flat polished.