Maintenance Tips

  1. Avoid abrasive cleaners such as Comet and Softscrub.
  2. Use the flat side of a razor blade for removing stuck on tape residue, paint, glue, dried food etc.
  3. Aluminum will not scratch granite, but will leave a trail. You can get rid of it by scrubbing VERY hard with a pencil eraser.
  4. Oils will leave a dark blotchy stain on granite. These can be removed with a poultice solution of baking soda. Many people consider such a darkening “patina” or character.

Cleaning your granite countertop

Daily maintenance of your countertops requires nothing more than simple mild soap and water. Studies show this will clean the surfaces and will completely eliminate most harmful germs and bacteria. Harsh chemical disinfectants can damage the finish on your countertops and should never be used. And remember, they will not be needed when you thoroughly clean with simple soap and water. If you have spots, simply polish them out with a soft, dry towel. For more information about granite and caring for your stone, contact us about available products and service.

Applying Sealer

Apply sealer to your granite countertops once every 2-5 years. Start by cleaning off any dirt or contaminants with mild soap and water. Then, spray sealer directly onto the stone. Wait 15-20 minutes and when it is almost dry apply a little more and rub it in with a clean rag until dry. Wait at least two hours and then apply a second application (wait time depends on your specific brand of sealer).

Polishing Your Granite Countertop

Periodically, we recommend using a stone polish on your granite countertop. This will enhance the dark colors of your stone.